Jeremy Bailey Next

Sympathetic Painting Software

A New Online Artwork

12 May – 27 May 2016




“As I stared into their open coffins I thought to myself what a shame we didn’t 3D scan their bodies.”
– Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey.

For the third in Carroll / Fletcher’s ongoing series of online exhibitions, Jeremy Bailey (in collaboration with Reinier Feijen, has uploaded himself to the Internet in search of immortality. As data it is possible for Bailey to spawn multiple instances of himself, each capable of expressing themselves autonomously. A unique avatar – a Bailey – is created for each visitor to Each Bailey is capable of analysing and learning from its interactions with a visitor to create unique gestural artworks that respond sympathetically to conversational prompts in real-time – healing conversations with a famous new media artist, as paintings.

Click here to begin your conversation with Jeremy (currently, a desk-top browser-only experience).

Collectors can purchase a customised special edition Bailey that responds to them in the colour of their choice (to match their decor or mood).  Alongside their very own Bailey, collectors also receive a high resolution artwork, based on their interaction with their Bailey, delivered on a commemorative date of their choosing once a year for eternity.


Next Big Thing – a solo show at Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto

C-Prints, software installation and performance ephemera on view until 28 May.

Jeremy Bailey Next runs parallel to Next Big Thing, a solo exhibition at Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto, Canada. Featuring prototype software of Jeremy Bailey Next programmed to read Bailey’s email inbox and respond with sympathetic gestural paintings. Several of these gestures have been rendered as high resolution C-Prints and 3D printed porcelain.

More information about the exhibition available here.

Next Big Thing, installation view, Pari Nadimi Gallery

Image: Jeremy Bailey, Next Big Thing, installation view, Pari Nadimi Gallery, 2016 (courtesy Pari Nadami Gallery).

Jeremy Bailey Next, (Custom Software, Computer, Kinect Camera, LCD Panel, Cables), h 100%22 x w 100%22

Image: Jeremy Bailey, Jeremy Bailey Next, 2016 (courtesy Pari Nadami Gallery).

Gesture II, C-Print, 2016, h 29 x w 50”

Image: Jeremy Bailey, Gesture II, 2016, (courtesy Pari Nadami Gallery).

Gesture I, Porcelain, 2016, w 6.4%22 h 4.9%22 d 1.7%22 + Performance Ephemera

Image: Jeremy Bailey, Gesture I, 2016 and Jeremy Bailey, Performance Ephemera, 2016, (courtesy Pari Nadami Gallery).


Patent Drawings at Whitechapel Gallery, London

12 drawings (from a series of 14, each an edition of 5), India ink on paper, on view at the Electronic Superhighway exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, London until 15 May, thereafter by appointment at Carroll / Fletcher, London.


Image: Jeremy Bailey, Patent Drawings, Installation View, Whitechapel Gallery, 2016

Image: Jeremy Bailey
, Apparatus for the Display and Control of Television Preferences as Facial Fashion on the Internet
, 2013
Price on application

Image: Jeremy Bailey
, Apparatus for the Display of Wearable augmented reality Public Sculpture on the Internet, 2011
Price on application

For his Patent Drawings series Bailey created India ink drawings in the style of technology company patents. The series highlights the increasingly absurd patents being granted for ever-more abstract software that now often incorporate our bodies and our gestures. Many of the drawings are of software performances and videos Bailey has brought to life over the last decade, some are unrealised concepts in reference to future projects.

The drawings are available for sale either individually or as the whole series.  A pdf containing high quality images of the series is available here. Prices on application to

Jeremy on patents, copyright and the future of technology

“Really when you think about it, artists like me are a lot like inventors; we bring new ideas to life that change the world. But world-changing inventors, both good and evil, are currently at war. Big mean tech companies like Google, Apple and Samsung are being granted hundreds of patents that encroach upon the free spirit of the altruistic artist.  At risk: the future of self expression. Now more than ever, the world needs us all to be inventors… [read more here]” Courtesy ArtFCity and Jeremy Bailey.


“Since the early noughties Bailey has ploughed a compelling, and often hilarious, road through the various developments of digital communications technologies. Ostensibly a satire on, and parody of, the practices and language of ‘new media’, the jocose surface of Bailey’s work hides an incisive exploration of the critical intersection between video, computing, performance and the body.” Morgan Quaintance, Rhizome. Read the full article here.

Bailey’s recent exhibitions and performances include Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966), at Whitechapel GalleryLondon; You Are Here: Art After the Internet at ICALondon; Life Feed: New Works by Jeremy Bailey and Antoine Catala, New Museum, New York; The Future is Now: Media Arts, Performance and Identity after Nam June Paik, Tate Liverpool; and Faceless, Quartier21, Vienna and Mediamatic, Amsterdam. Recent commissions include works for the Southbank Centre, London; FACT, Liverpool and The New Museum, New York.

“I am in London, talking to ‘new media artist’ Jeremy Bailey in Canada via Skype. We are both watching a puddle. In Newcastle. Two people, three cameras, at least five screens and one giant puddle. “I love this!” cries Bailey. “The whole industrial, military machine for this! To watch a puddle in Newcastle.”…  ” From an interview with Nell Frizzell in the Guardian (available here).