Adeline for Leaves

Jessica Sarah Rinland

2014, 13′ 24″, 16mm digital transfer/archive

27 January – 3 February 2016


Adeline For Leaves explores nature, science and mythology through the eyes of an eleven-year-old botanical prodigy and her recently deceased, elderly mentor.

“A blue flower symbolises a metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable.”

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Gareth Evans on Jessica Sarah Rinland

“There are few artist film-makers currently working whose body of work is as quietly ambitious, committed and beautifully realised as that of Jessica Sarah Rinland. Her multi-award winning 16mm short films have established a singular style, informed by extensive research, precise but lyrically associative editing and a refreshing sense of gender, giving emphasis to subtly sensitive portraits of friendship, mutual obsession, female intellectual enquiry and profound empathy with the natural world. She has proved particularly adept at productively complicating the interior lives of driven individuals in her films, balancing fiction and documentary, and narrative with a medium-reflexive enquiry.”

Courtesy Gareth Evans.

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Jessica Sarah Rinland’s work has been exhibited in galleries, cinemas, film festivals and universities internationally. Nulepsy screened at Bloomberg New Contemporaries, New York Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, among others, and was broadcast by Canal+. In 2013 she won ICA’s Best Experimental Film for Electric Oil and had a solo exhibition Dissecting The Exploding Whales at Limbo Arts. In 2014 she was artist in residence at the MacDowell Colony and Kingston University, and her film Adeline For Leaves won the Arts + Science award at Ann Arbor Film Festival, also screening at Oberhausen, Edinburgh, Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, among others.

As well as screening a retrospective of Rinland’s work at the London Short Film Festival 2016, the Festival, in conjunction with Arts Council England, commissioned her to make a film in response to pioneering documentary filmmaker Mary Field (1896 – 1968).

In collaboration with author, Philip Hoare and academic Dr. Edward Sugden, she is currently in production for We Account The Whale Immortal, an ever-changing film which explores three mythic Thames whales – to be exhibited at Somerset House from July to October 2016.

Jessica’s website is here.


2016 – Ý Berá – Bright Waters

2016 – Expression of the Sightless

2014 – Adeline For Leaves

2014 – Not As Old As The Trees

2012 – Description of a Struggle

2012 – Electric Oil

2010 – Nulepsy

2009 – Nulepsy Attack

2009 – Run Bird, Run

2009 – The Big Fish Theory

2008 – Darse Cuenta

2008 – Fog

2008 – The Laughing Man

2008 – A Great Day to Loose Him to Adeline

2008 – To Rock and To Cease

2007 – Bosque

Adeline for Leaves Credits

Director: Jessica Sarah Rinland

Producer: Jessica Sarah Rinland, Alex Thiele and Deanne Cunningham

Editor: Jessica Sarah Rinland

Screenwriter: Jessica Sarah Rinland

Director of Photography: Mattias Nyberg

Sound: Tim Harrison

Music: Styx Tyger

Principal Cast: Jenny Hollingworth, Annabel Davis and Richard Burleigh

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