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The Artists’ Development Agency

The Artists’ Development Agency is a not-for-profit organisation that provides ​continuous, ​sustained intellectual and practical support and advice to UK-based ​artists during transitional stages in their development. Whilst, there is a focus on working with artists during the five to seven years following their formal education, TADA also supports artists at other stages in their career. The Agency has a particular interest in artists using new technologies to take an open, interdisciplinary, socially engaged approach to investigating the impact of scientific, technological and political systems on society and how those systems shape our perception and behaviour.​ Each artist has a three year contract with the Agency. Unless there are exceptional circumstance,​ the contract is non-renewable. The aim is to take on six to eight new artists each year. Thus, once the Agency is fully up an running (estimated to be late-Spring 2020) the Agency will work with 18 to 24 artists with six to eight artists ‘arriving’ and six to eight ‘leaving’ each year.
Artists: Jessie Brennan, Jake Elwes, Felicity Hammond and Libby Heaney.

Advisory Group: Jeremy Bailey (artist), Alli Bed​d​oes (Artistic Director and CEO, Lighthouse), Duncan Forbes (ex. Director, Fotomuseum Winterthur), Karen Newman (Director, BOM)​​, William Raban (film-maker) and​ Lindsay Taylor (Salford University Art Collection)​.​