John Akomfrah – A Storm Is Blowing


Julien Crepieux’s Microfilm is the final screening in the onscreen programme linked to the Now Showing exhibition in our Eastcastle St. space. The next exhibition in the gallery is a group show featuring John Akomfrah, Phoebe Boswell and Rashaad Newsome. The exhibition includes Transfigured Night – a new two-screen work by John Akomfrah, which investigates the disappointments and legacies of the African countries post-second world war independence from colonial rule. To coincide with the UK premiere of Transfigured Night (the film was first shown at HKW, Berlin in October/ November last year), we’ve scheduled a season of John’s films:

In celebration of the late, great Stan Tracey
3 – 9 March – Stan Tracey: The Godfather of British Jazz

A Storm Is Blowing
10 -16 March – Testament
17 – 23 March – Seven Songs for Malcolm X
24 – 30 March – The Last Angel of History
31 March – 6 April – Memory Room 451
7 – 13 April – Nine Muses

Click here to download an interview with John Akomfrah published on the occasion of his exhibition at Carroll / Fletcher, Hauntologies, in 2012.