500 Thoughts and One More Kilometre

16 – 22 September 2014

John Wood and Paul Harrison

500 Thoughts (2010)

2010, 12’36”


John Wood and Paul Harrison

One More Kilometre (2009)

2009, 2’49”



In contrast to the earlier screening of John Wood and Paul Harrison’s films on Carroll / Fletcher Onscreen both 500 Thoughts (2010) and One More Kilometre (2009) focus on paper and process, whereas the previous screening of Board (1993), Device (1996) and Three-Legged (1997) explored the artist’s bodies in space. In John Wood and Paul Harrison’s more recent works there is a departure from the artists’s bodies and the attention now centred around the use of material objects, constructed sets and process based performances. In our recent exhibition Pencil / Line / Eraser we exhibited Fan / Paper / Fan (2007), Pencil / Line / Eraser (2008) and 500 Pieces of Paper (2010), also exploring the field of expanded drawing and working with alternative methods of using paper as a medium.



John Wood and Paul Harrison explore the physical and psychological parameters of the world around them through a series of immaculately constructed video works, informative and uninformative text pieces, drawings, doodles and half thoughts, and quite useful sculptures. As trust and support, and cause and effect are played out through simple material and conceptual gestures, the artists question and ultimately affirm a human position in the world that is essentially positive.

Since Wood and Harrison’s first collaboration in 1993, their video works have evolved from single shot ‘studies’ filmed against neutral backgrounds to longer pieces in which a sequence of actions unfold within constructed locations that have more implicit meaning and contribute to greater narrative complexity. The videos maintain a strict internal logic, with the action directly related to the duration of the work. Inside this ‘logical world’ action is allowed to happen for no apparent reason, tensions build between the environment and its inhabitant, play is encouraged and the influences on the work are intentionally mixed.

John Wood and Paul Harrison have had major solo exhibitions at Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Mori Art Museum, Tokyo. Selected group shows include British Council Touring, China; Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw; Kunsthalle Tallin, Estonia; Whitechapel Gallery, London. Works held in collections include MoMA, New York; Tate, London; Centre Pompidou, Paris; The Arts Council Collection, British Council Collection, and the Government Art Collection, UK.



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Previous John Wood and Paul Harrison screening

Pencil / Line / Eraser installation shot – Fan / Paper / Fan (2007)

Pencil / Line / Eraser installation shot – Pencil / Line / Eraser (2008)

Pencil / Line / Eraser installation shot – 500 Pieces of Paper (2010)


Carroll / Fletcher would like to thank Abigail Addison and Animate Projects for their collaboration in the programming of this season of films