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Neue Ehrlichkeit

19 January – 6 March




An online exhibition/essay featuring Do You Really Think That’s Funny? (The Snowden Files), 2013, Forginal Media Hacks, 2006 – 2007 and the Generator Tetralogy, 2000 – 2009.

“The post-factual world is not a new phenomenom, not at all! But i love that the world has finally come to an agreement; and i love the idea that there are so many others consensually hallucinating with us in understanding the fact that we are in-fact part of a post-factual world without ever having been a factual world…” Hans Bernhard, Truth Tellers Conference, Berlin, 2016.

“The moment you know too much you cannot unknow it, so this leads you to this difficult situation where you have to decide: can I live with the consequences of not doing anything, or can I live with the consequences of my actions if I do something? Since both are unknowns – and the buck doesn’t stop there, as that Rumsfeld freak reminded us… [full interview here].” Edward Snowden, Interview with UBERMORGEN.COM, 2013.