Ayla Pierrot Arendt,


2014, 22’00”

16 June – 22 June 2015




“GESPIELIN reveals the editor´s choreography of the available material from an 18 day working phase with two hired dancers. Her interests and desires, her way of creating relations of relevance, effect how you see the dancers and their play. To document is to show interest in something. To edit means to choose what is interesting. But the depicted constitutes the gaze of the voyeur as well as it reaffirms the labour and existence of the performer. The camera was looking for the rare event, exotic features, extreme situations; a real moment and the beauty in it. The women performed conscious of the gaze of the camera; they fictionalized themselves as the Other that looks back in order to inscribe themselves in history as subjects of consciousness. Their time is retrievable, public and relevant. Otherness can be performed and explored constructively when it understands itself and video has become its tool.” Ayla Pierrot Arendt.



Born 1987 in Munich, DE.

Visual Art studies in the USA and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, AT.  Master of Choreography and Performance at the Applied Theatre Department in Giessen, DE.

Ayla Pierrot Arendt works choreographically, thinking and staging in order to contribute to a historical time with perspectives of critical and feminist nature. Her interests lie in the immediate access to an event and experience, and their translation to effect. She interrogates perceptions and the scope and potential of actions, not to write fiction but to crystallize reality. She looks for ways of participation.

Her main media are video and installation, as these are time and experience-based. Painting and drawing allow visualizing the processes of overwriting and deleting more effectively that is why she likes to use them as screens for reflection and projection. The gap between practice and product is part of her examination of the Inter-esse as the performative moment between trigger and (re)action.

Exhibition and festival participation: Videonale, Kunstmuseum Bonn, DE; Lichter Art Award, Frankfurt, DE (Finalist); 27.Dresdner Filmfest, DE; European Media Art Festival Osnabrück, DE; antimatter Media Art Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada; Biennale des Bewegten Bildes, Frankfurt, DE.


GESPIELIN at videonale.15

“The earth revolved, so that we came close to one another, it revolved about itself and in us till it finally brought us together in this dream. I lose myself in the person whom I see. I am a permeable membrane. I soak up her beauty. She shines. She sparkles. She does not move. She just stands there. In all her loveliness. Absolutely immaculate. Like an angel. I now see the world only in

Courtesy Xhesika Hoxha and videonale.15, read the full text here.



Performance: Oksana Griaznova, Merel Roozen

Camera: Maren Wiese

Dramaturgy: Marion Siefert

Sound: Fullruhm, Don Dyzette, Rahel Pötsch

Support: Hessische Filmförderung

© Ayla Pierrot Arendt, 2014.